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I’m grateful for the education I received in Los Angeles public schools, and I believe an exceptional public education is the right of every student regardless of their individual circumstances. I relate on a personal level to many of our most marginalized students. I grew up in south LA, and was bussed out of my neighborhood from 2nd-12th grade. I went to an elementary school in Gardena where I learned Japanese, a performing arts middle school where I danced and sang, and I graduated from Beverly Hills High on a multi-cultural permit. My diverse experiences and exposure to people outside of my community helped me see the importance of access and personalized support. As a parent of five CCUSD students, including one recent graduate, I’m passionate about our district and have spent the past 13 years volunteering, working to eliminate barriers, and advocating for equity for all. 


Over the years, I’ve served on many committees including our Special Education committees, the Culver Needs committee supporting our immigrant/foster youth/low-income families, the Labor Management Partnership collaborating with our labor unions, and the Food Services subcommittee reducing waste, increasing sustainability, and identifying healthier, locally sourced foods. I’m the most experienced candidate in the area of local public policy directly impacting Culver City public schools. We’ve faced unprecedented challenges over the last two years and are still working to understand the most effective ways to serve our students and the adults who care for them. Fortunately, this year, the state will be allocating more money for public schools than in the history of public education in California. Experience is needed on the board more than ever. We can’t waste this opportunity to address our students’ needs. I know my community. I’ve built strong relationships with our students, staff, and families. I love CCUSD, but I am also critical of it because very few challenges we face are black and white. They’re nuanced and our students deserve us taking the time to understand how every decision we make will impact them. I know what questions to ask and how to hold our district accountable to ensure we use every dollar and resource available to improve outcomes for every student. 


When I joined the board six years ago, I was committed to increasing access and equity in the district. I helped establish a district-wide Equity Advisory Council and was instrumental in creating the district’s first-ever board-approved strategic equity plan. I voted to fund more counselors and successfully pushed for all elementary schools to have full time assistant principals. I spoke in favor of and voted for a plan to expand art and arts integration for all students. Along with several other parent volunteers, and with the guidance of our director of food services, I am working to transform our food services department so healthier, locally sourced foods are served and our equipment, purchasing, and practices are efficient and environmentally sustainable. If re-elected, I will continue engaging in all of the above as well as focusing on my top three priorities that include securing a comprehensive inclusion plan that ensures all students with disabilities, IEPs, and 504 plans are able to learn in least restrictive environments with full access to academic and extracurricular opportunities that allow them to thrive in our district; increasing the number of counselors districtwide with the ultimate goal of getting to the ASCA (American School Counselor Association) recommendation of 250/1 student/counselor ratios and also expanding our family centers staffed by LMFTs at all elementary sites; and developing a timeline for capital improvements and modernization of campuses and upgrading all vehicles to be eco-friendly.

 At a Glance 



Addressing the mental and social emotional health of our students and staff with an emphasis on trauma-informed care (more counselors, nurses, and expanding family centers with LMFTs)



Developing and refining plans to keep our students and staff physically healthy and safe by developing comprehensive safety plans, properly training our security teams, and providing more support to principals/assistant principals



Reducing staff/student ratios with the goal of eliminating oversized classes


Increasing student engagement to ensure their voices are represented in decisions that directly impact them


Reaffirming parents as partners with outreach to disenfranchised families and education so our parents know their rights and how to effectively advocate for their students


Repairing/modernizing our campuses to create inspiring spaces conducive to 21st century learning.


Doing a deep dive and analyzing our entire budget to identify opportunities to maximize all of our resources


Providing staff, teachers, and admin with effective training, relevant professional development, fair pay, and opportunities for growth

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